Antonio Quiles leads workshops and courses for different institutions and for diverse groups. The workshops are inclusive where the emphasis is on strengthening the knowledge of the stage language and developing the communication with other along with the importance of the social role of art.

Theoretical/practical, participatory and eclectic workshops that are adapted to the needs, interests, limitations and potential of each group. We will work with a mixture of techniques and disciplines such as Release, Contact, BMC, Butoh, theater and voice exercises, etc. using Improvisation as a technique to enhance decision-making, listening to the present moment and connecting with the personal and social «here and now».

  • Workshop of Direction and Choreographic Composition: Body Dramaturgy and Stage Presence
  • Inclusive Dance-Theater Workshop
  • Action Art Workshop («Live Art» or «Performance»)

We will prepare each workshop depending on the needs, considering the time, the group and space.