Antonio Quiles Villanueva (1974, Spain)

Dancer/Performer, Teacher and Choreographer

Degree in Fine Arts, specialized in Contemporary Art at Faculty of Cuenca, University of Castilla-La Mancha, 1998. He studied Contemporary Dance (Dance maker – Choreography) in Dansacademie, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem (The Netherlands, 2002-2005) and at the Andalusian Dance Center (1998 – 2001). Antonio attended a Course on Pedagogical Aptitude by the University of Seville, and a course of «Specialization in Arts Education, Culture and Citizenship» by the OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States) issued by the University of Valladolid, 2017. He is specialized in Integrated Dance (Contemporary Dance which works with dancers with different abilities) with Adam Benjamin. He also studied Theatre: Interpretation and direction at the Theateracademie Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (The Netherlands) (2001 – 2002) and at the Andalusian Theatre Centre Sevilla (1992-94).

As a Dancer/Performer has worked with companies such as: i-dance co. (Netherlands), ArtisTerror (Germany), Influxtanz Co. and BewegGrund  Co. (Switzerland), Alicia Sánchez (Mexico City), Cía. Alicia Soto/Hojarasca (España), Cía. Pilar Gallegos (Italia/Mexico), SHIFTS –Arts in movement- Co. and Tanzbar_Bremen (Germany), as well as in independent projects.

As a Teacher, Antonio believes in art as a form of social´s transformation and considers performing arts as powerful tools for visibility and standardization of different social issues. That is why he is working trough art with the inclusion of different capacities and diverse collectives as docent in his courses and workshops at festivals and public institutions and private spaces.

As a Choreographer he has directed more than 20 pieces, most of them large format, but also short pieces and experimental proposals linked to Action Art for non-conventional spaces and street.